Greenhill Scarecrow Festival 2020

The votes are in! And the winners are ...

Voting for the competition has now closed. A total of 248 votes were counted.

  • First place: Scarecrow No. 8 “Where’s Wally” (110 votes)
  • Second place: Scarecrow No 26 “Peppa Pig” (34 votes)
  • Third place Scarecrow No. 14 “Darth Vader” (11 votes)

For a detailed list of all the votes (PDF) click here.

There’s still time to see the scarecrows. To help you find them, click here for an interactive map of all the locations. You can zoom, scroll around, and click on the blue icons for the exact street address.

If you’re not able to get out and about here’s a gallery of the scarecrows, but it’s much more fun if you go out onto the streets and see them “in the flesh” if you can. The images are in no particular order. Click on a picture to see it full-size. There are even a couple in here that didn’t make it onto the map!