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Your library at Greenhill is run by volunteers and we have opportunities for you to become part of our successful team. Volunteering is fun, rewarding, and a great way to meet new people. Most of our volunteers only work for one session a week so we are not necessarily looking for a huge commitment of time. You can apply on-line using the form below, or you can call in at the library and complete a paper form. Alternatively, send an email to and we’ll get back to you

Situations Vacant

We are currently looking for people to fill the following roles.


In this role you’ll be helping to maintain the upkeep of library. Duties include hoovering, mopping, cleaning, dusting and general housekeeping duties. Working in a fun and friendly team you’d work for about 1 hour from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. Currently we are keen to hear from anyone interested in doing Wednesday mornings. Even if you could only do one session per fortnight that would be welcome.

Pre-school activity helper

We are looking for someone to assist in running events for pre-school children. Would suit a young mum (or dad) whose children are now at school.

Session Leader

Session leaders take overall responsibility for library operations during a public session. Duties include issuing and discharging library books, registering new patrons, dealing with enquiries from the public, managing use of our public computers, and opening/locking the library. You would be supported by a minimum of two library assistants and would receive training in library operations including the use of our computer-based library management systems.


This role is primarily concerned with managing FROGL’s finances in accordance with our Financial Procedures and relevant legislation. Records are kept on-line with cash entries made by the Assistant Treasurer, Stella Crookes, who deals with all cash transactions.

The Treasurer recommends budgets and provides quarterly information to the Board. Annual accounts have to be prepared and independently examined, then presented to the Board and AGM. Gift Aid tax relief is claimed annually. The Treasurer does not have to be involved in fundraising, except to provide financial information at times. The job can be done almost entirely from home.

If you want further information on this important role, which includes a place on the board of trustees, please contact Laurence (0114 2377583 or email or the chair Chris Brown (

Fundraising Team Member

The future of Greenhill Community Library depends on our continuing success in obtaining money from charities and other funding and grant-awarding organisations. We are looking for someone to contribute to our fundraising efforts by joining our team to assist with formulation of applications to the various funding sources that are available to us, and to identify and exploit new ways of raising money.

The key activities would be to:

  • interact productively with our existing fundraising team
  • develop the relevant expertise required to play a significant role in planning and completing grant applications
  • help to identify potential donors including individuals, local businesses and other organisations
  • help to refine strategies for fundraising and to initiate fundraising activities as appropriate

We’re seeking an enthusiastic volunteer with a willingness to learn and to make a significant contribution. Some experience of preparing, submitting and monitoring funding bids for small organisations would be welcome of course, but it is certainly not essential. Good written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills and a familiarity with computer office applications are needed of course.


If you are interested in volunteering you can apply on-line right here, using the form below

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