Adventure Story Walk 2022

Announcing the Greenhill Library Adventure Story Walk

How does the Adventure Story Walk Work?
Do you remember the Bears of Sheffield? An excuse to explore the city to find some beautifully decorated bear sculptures all in aid of The Children’s Hospital Charity. This is a similar but instead of looking for bears you’re looking for A2-sized posters in our Lowedges and Greenhill area. See the location map below — click on the markers for detailed location information

The posters have a bit of a picture book to read and look at, some local information, a map, and some links to other excellent organisations that work in our area [They haven’t paid to be on here!] You will also find part of a secret code which you can collect to spell out a special phrase.
When you get to the posters, please have a look around and explore. There are so many exciting green spaces in our local area that deserve a closer look – and it’s free! Please leave these areas better than you find them – definitely don’t drop litter…perhaps you could take some to the nearest bin if it’s safe to do so. Remember that fire damages everything (the plants, the insects and humans, as well as risking the lives of firemen who try to put it out) so these places are good for a picnic, but never light a BBQ or a campfire.

So in short:

  1. Look at the map
  2. Travel to the location – can you use a petrol free way of getting there?
  3. Read the poster
  4. Collect the code
  5. Enjoy the area
  6. And when you have completed as many as you want to, complete the form using this link for a chance to win a small prize.

What did I read on the Adventure Story Walk?

You can borrow any of these books at Greenhill and Lowedges Library. Many of them will be read on video by some of our friends and we will share them on our facebook page through the summer @frogls
We would love to hear what books you think we should have included or which was your favourite – Fill in our feedback form to tell us!

1: Chancet Woods Bridge – The Three Billy Goats Fluff (Rachel Mortimer and Liz Pichon, Hodder Children’s Books, 2011)
2: Bocking Lane Green – Owl Babies (Martin Waddle, Walker Books Ltd, 1998
3: Greenway Triangle – Someone Bigger (Jonathan Emmett and Adrian Reynalds, OUP Oxford, 2003)
4: Lowedges Library and Terminus Shops – Blackbird, Blackbird, What Do You do? (Kate McLelland, Hodder Children’s Books, 2017)
5: Stone Cross Field – Tad: A Big Story About a Brave Minibeast (Benji Davies, Harper Collins Children’s Books, 2020)
6: Beauchief Allotments – Bear, Bird and Frog (Gwen Milward, Egmont, 2014)
7: Greenhill Park – Stanley’s Stick (Neal Layton and John Hegley, Hodder Children’s Books, 2012)
8: Greenhill Water Pump – The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Judith Kerr, Harper Collins Children’s Books 2018)
9: Beauchief Abbey Ponds – The Mice in the Churchyard (Kes Grey, Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2013)
10: Lowedges Firestation and Community Allotment – Flashing Fire Engines (Tony Mitton and Ant Parker, Kingfisher 2017)
11: Hutcliffe Woods – Bear on a Bike (Hannah Shaw, Harper Collins Publishers, 2016)
12: St Peter’s Church – There’s a Tiger in The Garden (Lizzy Stewart, Lincoln Children’s Books, 2017)
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Collecting Codes and the Competition

We hope you’re enjoying some of the Adventure Story Walk locations! It might be hard to keep track of the codes, so you can download a printable (PDF) that you can use. If you don’t have a printer just head to Lowedges or Greenhill (or any other) library with your free library card!
Don’t worry if you can’t get to all the locations. The little competition is not dependent on you collecting the whole code… just do what you can and answer the questions as best you can. Results will be put up in September and prizes will be available to collect from Greenhill Library Desk.