Greenhill Scarecrow Festival 2023

This year’s scarecrow festival attracted 19 entries. A total of 161 votes were cast.

And the winners are ...

First Prize, with 41 votes, goes to Supertato and the Evil Peas. Made by the same team that brought you “The day the crayons quit” in 2022. Lots of people enjoyed the challenge of finding all 6 of the evil peas.

Second prize, with 26 votes, goes to Fireman Sam and the cat rescue. People commented on the humour and realism of the piece and were impressed that it lit up at night. Thanks to our local fire service for taking the time to create this. 

Third prize goes to this fabulous Owl from “The Gruffalo”, created by the same maker as the mouse and the Gruffalo in previous years. Voters were impressed by the extreme realism and attention to detail.

And here's the complete gallery (click for full-size images)