Open Gardens 2020

Greenhill Open Gardens 2020

We are delighted to announce that our Open Gardens weekend (originally planned for June) is going ahead on 5th and 6th September. Sixteen gardens are opening for your enjoyment. Opening hours are 10am – 4pm. 

We are asking you to contribute £5 to library funds by buying a map, which will also act as your ticket into all the gardens. The maps will be available:

  • At any participating garden
  • At the library during click & collect sessions
  • From the gazebo on the library lawn on 4th and 5th September

Please note that not all gardens are open on both days — the details are in the map. We ask you to take care when visiting the gardens, observe social distancing, and comply with any restrictions the gardeners may have put in place to ensure your safety.

For an interactive map of garden locations click here. (To use the map, just click on the numbered markers to see the street address.). Alternatively you can use this list (in no particular order):

  1. 36 Crawshaw Grove
  2. 73 Meadowhead Avenue
  3. 18 The Greenway
  4. 33 Greenhill Main Road
  5. 39 Greenhill Main Road
  6. 137a Hemper Lane
  7. 104 Hemper Lane
  8. 225 Westwick Road
  9. 182 Westwick Road
  10. 54 Greenfield Road
  11. 33 Westwick Crescent
  12. 230 Westwick Road
  13. 125 Greenhill Main Road
  14. 68 Old Park Avenue
  15. 43 Old Park Avenue
  16. 9 Meadowhead Avenue

If you can’t get to see the real thing, we also have a “Virtual Open Gardens Tour” video that was made back in June — 40 minutes of gardening goodness from seven local gardeners:

And here are  few photos from last year’s Open Gardens weekend. The full gallery is available here.