Welcome to our Story Walk.
20 – 31 July

Mouse tries to convince all the other animals that he’s a tiger. But then a real tiger turns up ….  To find out what happens, start at the library and follow the numbers to reveal the story boards as you walk around the village. We hope you enjoy our very first Story Walk.

Here is where you will find the story boards:

  1.    Library Lawn (Start here)
  2.    Library Lawn
  3.    School Railings
  4.    29 Greenhill Main Road
  5.    33 Greenhill Main Road
  6.    39 Greenhill Main Road
  7.    16 James Andrew Crescent
  8.    76 Greenhill Main Road
  9.    70 Annesley Road
  10.    73 Meadowhead Avenue
  11.    75 Meadowhead Avenue
  12.    46 Glen View Road
  13.    25 Allenby Drive

Did you know that by completing this walk, children can claim a reward for the Summer Reading Challenge or a credit towards The Children’s University Passport to Learning ? Hand this form in at the library when it re-opens to claim rewards or credits.