Welcome to our New Story Walk.
24 Oct – 1 Nov

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam are the world’s most useless burglars. When their master plan for a robbery goes wrong again, they give up their life of crime and turn to ….  what??  To find out what happens, start at the Library and follow the numbers to reveal the story boards as you walk around the area. We hope you enjoy our Story Walk.

Here is where you will find the story boards:

  1. Library Lawn (Start here)
  2. Library Lawn
  3. 120 Hemper Lane
  4. 69 Hemper Lane
  5. 231 Westwick Road
  6. 115 Westwick Crescent
  7. 70 Westwick Crescent
  8. 71 Old Park Road
  9. 69 Old Park Road
  10. 17 Old Park Avenue
  11. 59 Old Park Avenue
  12. 46 Westwick Crescent
  13. 38 Westwick Crescent
  14. 18 Westwick Crescent
  15. 88 Westwick Road
  16. 88 Westwick Road

Shifty McGifty Activity Sheets

We’ve collected five activity sheets based on the Shifty McGifty book series for you to enjoy. Click on the links below to download and print out.