Summer Reading Challenge 2020

"Click and Collect" books for the Summer Reading Challenge

From Clive Opie – our Summer Reading Challenge co-ordinator.

The library has been proactive and successful in promoting the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) over many years, and before the lockdown we purchased most of the books for this year’s challenge and added them to our Yellow Sticker catalogue. (It was hoped that the books would be available on-line in the RBDigital e-library but unfortunately this has not been the case.) You can download a PDF with a full list of them using this link (for older children) or this link (for younger children)  and the good news is that you can now get your hands on them using our Click and Collect service. We recommend that you check if the books are available by browsing the Yellow Sticker catalogue using this link and searching for any of the details on the lists (remember there are two – one for younger and one for older readers) such as either the ISBN or Yellow Sticker numbers or the title. You can then book them using the Click and Collect service using the same information. You’ll find full instructions and the order form on this page.

It is expected that the typical stickers, cards, medals etc. linked to the SRC will become available and although they will obviously be presented later than expected they can still be something your children aspire to getting. To help keep a record of your child’s reading you can download a printable PDF record card using this link.

I look forward to meeting you and your children again as we get back to some normality in the future but in the meantime I hope the above access will go some way to keeping the SRC active and of course remember that you don’t just have to read the books linked to the Silly Squad theme. In fact, the library has several other books by authors on the list you can also access.

Finally, you can also register with The Reading Agency and complete the challenge on-line if you want. See

Happy Reading!

Clive Opie – SRC coordinator