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Funding Announcement

MoneyWe’re delighted to announce that Sheffield City Council have agreed to continue funding the volunteer libraries for a further three years after our present agreement runs out in March 2017. Funding for 2017/2018 will remain at its present level, reducing to 80% and 70% in years 2 and 3 (although it is not clear how this reduction will be split across the libraries). Also, provision of the Library Management System, the “People’s Network” and other IT infrastructure will continue to be provided free of charge at least until 2019 when the council’s current contract with IT provider Capita expires. There’s also provision for a “grant pot” and money for buying new books.

This is obviously great news and a huge encouragement. It recognises the fantastic work that the volunteers at the 11 associate libraries across Sheffield have done over the last two years, and gives us real hope of building our own community presence and fundraising program to ensure our financial viability in the longer term.

Halting the decline


The blue line shows quarterly book issue figures for Greenhill Library. The regular seasonal variation (it peaks every summer) makes it hard to see the underlying trend. The red line is a 4-point moving average which smooths out the seasonal highs and lows. You’ll see that from early 2015 (a few months after the volunteers took over) the downward trend is halted, and even slightly reversed. These figures are for children’s books. Adult issues show less seasonal variation but the overall trend is the same. We must be doing something right!

(Thanks to Liz Coates for this)

Farmers Market 27 November

QuartetOur Farmers’ and Artisan market on 27 November 2016 raised £1100 towards Library funds. Thanks to all who took part, especially those hardy outdoor traders who braved a chilly (though bright) afternoon. Thanks also to The Beekeepers and The Gamebirds, who provided us with live music throughout. There are more photos on the gallery page. Our next market is on 2 April.

Live Project Vision Document

Here for your enjoyment is the complete vision document produced by the student team from the School of Architecture as the primary output of their recently-completed Live Project. It provides an inspirational view of how our library might develop into a fully-fledged community hub. Download the PDF here. (Warning: it’s quite long!)

Pop-Up Cinema on Saturday 22 Oct


Some 70 people turned out to brave the cold and watch “Jungle Book” at our outdoor pop-up cinema which was organised by postgraduate students from Sheffield University School of Architecture as part of their “Live Project” collaboration with the library.

We have more photographs from those early days


Library Exterior 1962
The winter of 1962 – 1963. Notice the “City Library” signage which is no longer there.


The “study alcove” was  (and still is) a quiet place  to read and study. Those Ercol chairs were the height of fashion!


Children's Library
The Children’s Library. The alcove at the back of the picture is now our bookshop


The old reception desk
Originally there was a wall separating the adult’s and children’s libraries. They were served through two separate counters. This is the children’s counter.


adult library
The adult library, looking toward the service counter. It hasn’t changed all that much!